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Gel and acrygel

Arched and salon nail sculpting

Form setup

1 form in 1 minute

7 nail shapes

Speed nail filing

It’s a new beginning with Sakramel School

Build your brilliant career with us if you:

are interested in a manicure and want to learn how to do nail extension

a beginner and you want to learn more about a manicure to open up new horizons

a pro in a manicure and gel polish who wants to advance and become a universal

a nail tech who can do nail extension but wants to advance to speed up the process and extend the nails so that there are no liftings or cracks

It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is, what matters is your desire to get comprehensive knowledge

This course is for you if you are:

A beginner nail tech

A beginner nail tech Start

Interested in a manicure? Don’t know how to set up the forms to make sure that there are no gaps?

You want to:

  • • learn how to do nail extension without wasting your time on learning from your mistakers?
  • • have no struggles with nail extension?

A pro nail tech

A pro nail tech Master

Tired of tedious routine work. Tried doing nail extension but it’s clear that you lack knowledge? And the results aren’t that satisfying?

You want to:

  • • Learn more about a manicure and become a universal?
  • • Double your income and earn more than 1000$ a month?
  • • Advance your skills, and do complex nail shapes?
  • • Outrun your competitors, who can only do a color coating?
  • • Speed up and do a manicure and sculpting in 2 hours?
  • • Forget about liftings and cracks?

Students’works after our course

I want to learn how to do it too

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Course author - Marina Litvinova

A fouder of Sakramel school who has taught 40 000 students

12 years of experience in the nail industry

A winner of international nail sculpting contests “Nevskye berega”, “Esthetic life”, “Cosmoprof Asia”

13th place in the rating of nail industry professionals “The best nail techs according to INES”

An author of manicure courses and coursebooks

A mother of two amazing sons and a wife of a loving husband

A winner of Russia and Hong Kong manicure champioships

I didn’t always know how to exend perfectly!

I started off as everyone else - being a student I wanted to earn some money. So I decided to buy my first beginner nail kit from Ebay, and I worked with it that first year teaching myself. I was scrolling through tons of information on nail forums, collecting useful tips.

I got interested in the manicure sphere and decided to join a beginner course at the biggest nail school. Back than, 11 years ago, it cost 40 000 ₽! I made a contribution into my self-growth.

And looking back at my journey, I realized that I actually had missed a lot. If you wake me up in the middle of the night I will set up the form perfectly. But! I’m so sorry for all the wasted time. For that year when I was trying to work with all those a functional materials and making tons of mistakes: liftings, chippings, broken nails, nail deseases and long extensions. It took me years of practice and taking various courses to advance my skills.

From a nail tech to a champion!

With this course in three modules you will complete my journey from a nail tech to a nail sculpting champion of Russia and Hong Kong!

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sign up for the course

Course program

Module 1

Classic salon nail sculpting. Without filing. Gel and polygel. Salon square, oval, and natural almond shapes

26 lessons

10 hours

Module 2

Arched nail sculpting. Gel and arcygel. Working with complex nails. Arched square, oval, natural almond, ballerina, squoval, pipe, modern almond

12 lessons

6.5 hours

Module 3

Simple and complex nail correction. Prime cost and pricing principles. Salon square, natural almond, arched square, and modern almond shapes

9 lessons

5 hours

International standard certificate

You get an international standard certificate for every course module

After this course, you will be able to strengthen and extend nails using all the techniques of working with gel and acrygel.You will upgrade your removal and e-file manicure techniques. You will learn how to do various nail designs: French, ombre, complex aqua-designs, and crystal clear tips.
You will sculpt different nail shapes.

Course pricing

Nail tech


  • • Module 1
  • • Course access - 3 months
  • • Certificate in “Salon nail sculpting” Sample
  • • Certificate in “Arched nail sculpting”, “All the nail correction types”
  • • Homework check by a mentor
  • • Chat for students
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* Доступна беспроцентная рассрочка для РФ



  • • Module 1 + Module 2
  • • Course access - 6 months
  • • Certificate in “Salon nail sculpting” и “Arched nail sculpting” Sample
  • • Homework check by a mentor
  • • Chat for students
  • • Certificate in “All the nail correction types”
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* Доступна беспроцентная рассрочка для РФ



  • • Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3
  • • Course access - 9 months
  • • Certificate in “Salon nail sculpting”, “Arched nail sculpting”, “All the nail correction types” Sample
  • • Homework check by a mentor
  • • Chat for students
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* Доступна беспроцентная рассрочка для РФ

Individual program

Individual learning program with our course author and Sakramel School founder Marina Litvinova


• Modules 1,2,3
• Course access - 1 year
• Certificates “Salon nail sculpting”, “Arched nail sculpting”, “All the nail correction types” Sample
• Homework check by Marina
• Chat with students and Marina
• 1-hour online meeting with Marina
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* Доступна беспроцентная рассрочка для РФ

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And get a free checklist with all the necessary materials

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Our nail sculpting course offers you:

all the sculpting and correction techniques

edited videos without extra information

a chance to start a course anywhere anytime

learning from an acclaimed manicure pro Marina Litvinova

perfect video and sound quality

practical exercises that are checked by our instructors

international standard certificates that are regarded in top nail salons

a mentor’s help till the end of the course

mastering coating removal, manicure, and gel polish coating

Sakramel School in numbers:


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school founder awards


years on the market


students at our live courses

Commonly asked questions

How do I get a certificate and how many of them I will receive?

You will get a certificate for each module.

I’m from another country, can I pay for the course using foreign currency?

Yes, the sum for the course will be withdrawn in your currency, so the final sum will depend on the course of your bank

Where do we attend the course?

The course is prerecorded and it’s on our website. For your convenience, there is a series of video lessons, and after each lesson, you can attach your work and ask questions

When does the course start? When can I watch it?

The start of the course depends on the laughing date. Once the course has started, you can watch it 24/7 from any part of the world.

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Salon nail sculpting


Salon nail sculpting

Arched nail sculpting


Salon nail sculpting

Arched nail sculpting

All the nail correction types

Module 1 detailed program

Lesson 1


• Checklist of all the necessary materials

Lesson 2

Effective nail photography

• Presentable nail portfolio

• Photos that sell

• Apps and photo editing

Lesson 3

Nail structure and functions

• How nail plate condition affects wearability

• How to guide by the growth points

Lesson 4

Nail architecture

• Main lines, nail arches, stress zone, apex

• Apex forming mistakes

• Differences between salon, arched, and contest sculpting

Lesson 5

Nail length and shape

• Form and arch types

• Differences between salon and arched almond shape

• Contest length parameters

• Proportions

Lesson 6

Tools, materials, and equipment

• Files and abrasive types

• How to choose a sculpting brush

• Tweezers, pipes, and clips. Do we need them?

Lesson 7

Brush preparation

• How to prepare a new brush

• Brush cleaning and storing

Lesson 8

8 How to choose forms for sculpting

• How to choose the best forms

• Difference between paper and plastic forms

• How to fit the form for the nail plate

Lesson 9

Adhesive products

• Adhesive products

• Dehydrator

• Acidic and acid-free primers

• Base coat

Lesson 10

Sculpting materials classification

• Gel types, functions, phases

• Gel plasticity

• Acrygel and liquid

Lesson 11

How to remove an artificial coating

• Coating removal scheme

• How to distinguish the coating from the nail plate

• How to remove the coating without overfiling

Lesson 12

Causes of liftings, cracks, and breaking

• Lifting. Gel peeling

• Cracks and breaks

Lesson 13

Express combi and e-file manicure

• Express manicure technique

Lesson 14

How to prepare natural nails for sculpting

• Step-by-step algorithm

Lesson 15

Form setup

• Form setup angle depending on the nail plate type, shape and length

• 5 steps for a perfect form setup

• Form setup demonstration on a model

Lesson 16

Exercises for hand placement

Practical exercises on tips:

• Working with gel. Alignment without filing

• Working with acrygel

Lesson 17

How to clip nails

• How, why, and when to clip?

Lesson 18

Speed filing square and almond shapes

• Filing grips

• Step-by step filing algorithm (1 nail – 2 minutes)

Lesson 19

Gel natural nail strengthening with no filing. Fiber gel

• Strengthening pros

• Which gels should we use?

• Working with fiber gel

• Strengthening technique

• Sealing the free edge

• Curled nails. Fixing options

Lesson 20

Acrygel sculpting without forms. Nail repair

• Acrygel nail extension

Lesson 21

Gel sculpting, almond shape without filing

• Speed nail sculpting technique

Lesson 22

Salon square shape sculpting without filing. Jelly gel

• How to work with jelly gel

• Gel polish coating in 1 layer

Lesson 23

Acrygel nail sculpting, soft square

• Working with 1 acrygel drop

• Layout with minimal filing

Lesson 24

Acrygel sculpting with camouflage blending

Module 2 detailed program

Lesson 1

Complex nail sculpting Onychophagia. Bitten nails.

• Main aspects and techniques of working with bitten nails

Lesson 2

Arched square sculpting. Painted French

• Working with jelly gel using a camouflage blending technique

Lesson 3

Salon almond shape sculpting. Crystal French + stamping

• Working with clear gel

Lesson 4

Ballerina shape acrygel sculpting. Ombre baby boomer

• Smooth gradient with acrygel

Lesson 5

Pipe and squoval shape sculpting with laid-out French

Lesson 6

Almond shape sculpting with stained-glass French

• Working with stained-glass pigments.

• Working with stained-glass pigments.

Lesson 7

Modern arched almond shape sculpting with an aquarium design.5 different designs

• 1 gradient + glitter

• Wrinkled + rubbing powder

• Texture

• Dried flowers

• Marble

Module 3 detailed program

Lesson 1

Simple almond shape correction without filing

Lesson 2

Simple classic square shape correction

• How to file the material from the inside?

Lesson 3

Complex nail correction with lifting up curved tips

Lesson 4

Complex nail correction. Arched square French

Lesson 5

Complex nail correction. Modern almond shape with aqua French

Lesson 6

Speed nail sculpting

• Following a checklist

Lesson 7

How to count prime cost. Pricing

• How much should nail extension and correction cost

Nail extension course: Nail tech

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Nail extension course: Pro+

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Nail extension course: Individual program

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